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TrueLand Shanghai Information Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in online marketing technology, product innovation and integration services, has become China's leading integrated online marketing service provider. TrueLand adhering to the "integration of network resources, technology-driven marketing" concept, with special emphasis on the importance of technology marketing, to enhance the company's R & D capabilities, has from IBM, Microsoft, Huawei and other well-known IT companies to introduce a number of outstanding R & D personnel. To strengthen technical source for TrueLand, Fudan University School of Computer Science and reached a series of strategic cooperation, has jointly developed the "TrueLand released treasure", "TrueLand SEM Pegasus System", "TrueLand SEO Pegasus System", "Jane Island public opinion monitoring engine system "has become a model for the integration of research in Shanghai.

2011 jointly established the "Fudan - TrueLand Joint Laboratory" both "TrueLand integrated online marketing Research Institute", Institute of many researchers now Tongji University, Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai University of Finance and the most popular young lecturer. TrueLand versed in two major trends in the future of Internet marketing, one is technical marketing, one is content marketing, TrueLand therefore propose a new location, "TrueLand = man + advertising technology."

TrueLand stressed: in big data and fragmented era of today, it is necessary to do the data collection, data analysis, data mining, data insight, from having the data to predict demand, provide a strong basis for online marketing and brand marketing, and To focus on Internet content creation, organization planning team, the creative team, copywriting team, executive team with the technical team to provide customers with online marketing overall solution.